Google’s Knowledge Graph and Web Marketing

Popular search engine Google launched Knowledge Graph on May 16, 2012. This special search tool helps you find people, places and things quickly and easily and is proving very helpful when it comes to finding information on everything from landmarks, cities, geographical features, buildings, to celebrities, movies, and much more.

According to Google, the graph’s source data includes 500 million objects and more than 3.5 billion facts related to these objects from sources such as Freebase, Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook, and more. Moreover, besides desktops, information from Knowledge Graph is available on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph provides detailed and well structured information about the searched topic. The main advantage of this new search tool is that it allows you to use this information to find an answer to your query without being navigated to other websites. Knowledge Graph also answer questions you never thought of asking and helps you discover more. For instance, if you are searching for a particular Nobel prize winner, you would end up discovering who else received that prize and when – even if you didn’t ask.

So how is Knowledge Graph relevant for search engine marketing? As we all know search engine optimization is mainly focused on finding a top position on Google search.  With Knowledge Graph tool, marketers have to rethink their SEO strategy. Here are some tips to optimize your content for Knowledge Graph:

  • Make sure that Google gets a good idea of the content on your main page. Consider synonyms and related words – for instance the word ‘notebook’ can be used to mean a paper notebook or an electronic notebook. In other words, consider LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing’ – the indexing and retrieval method that can extract concepts from content by establishing associations with other terms that occur in similar contexts. LSI is the crux of the Google algorithm which assesses the relevance of your webpage’s content to a search term. So keep LSI in perspective when during keyword research and content creation for the best SEO results from Knowledge Graph.
  • Create relevant, original, interesting content which is not stuffed with keywords.
  • Try to broaden the relevance of the content as this is what interests Knowledge Graph. This also helps you gain natural links.

As Google rolls out new features in Knowledge Graph, partnering with an organic SEO service provider can help to take advantage of the opportunities the new tool offers to increase site traffic, higher search rankings and more conversions. Information and screen shots of the new features are available at

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