How Google, Bing and Yahoo Fared in February 2013

Monitoring search traffic is important to note how your website is performing. But it is also helpful to understand how overall search activity is moving. Search engines all have variations in search traffic each month.

Google, the undisputed leader of search, has been having some competition from Bing that has upped its game to face the competition. Google and Bing have all experienced increased search activity in February 2013, though the month was characterized by low core search activity overall.
Google, Bing and Yahoo in February 2013

According to comScore, Google’s February rankings rose to 67.5% from 67% in January while Bing’s share also rose to 16.7% from 16.5%. For Bing this is an all-time high. Yahoo, on the contrary, experienced a decline in market share overall – 11.6% from 12.1% in January. Overall, the month of February saw few searches partly explained by the three lesser number of days in the month than January. At 18.3 billion core searches, there was a six percent drop in February from January.

It’s important to note that that these figures do not cover mobile search which makes up a large portion of overall search activity. Webmasters have to ensure that their websites are optimized for the mobile phone, but this information should play a small part in planning your search engine optimization strategy as well, though it isn’t much of a revelation except for the growth of Bing and the decline of Yahoo.

Professional SEO companies will ensure that their clients get a clear understanding of these changing trends and help plan their clients’ Internet marketing strategies accordingly.