How to Safeguard Your Online Reputation

How to Safeguard Your Online Reputation
The power of social media has made businesses aware of the need to safeguard their online reputation. Many multinational companies have had their carefully built up international reputation ruined in a matter of hours.

Take the case of the 2010 Toyota recall. Disgruntled customers posted negative comments in blogs, Internet forums, and news websites which caused public opinion about the carmaker to drop drastically in early 2010. Toyota had to recall 2.3 million vehicles because of faulty accelerator pedals. It was virtually impossible for Toyota to track and respond quickly to the discussions on social media sites about their company. Eventually, the company’s social media team launched an internet reputation management campaign via Digg, Twitter and YouTube. The team created Digg Dialogg on a dedicated video and within a week, the Dialogg had received 1.2 million views. Queries voted on by Digg users were collected and the answers posted on YouTube. The transparency factor prevented the crisis from getting worse.

No business, big or small, is immune to an online reputation crisis. Social media marketing is undoubtedly helping businesses from local to multinational players to promote their products or services much more effectively than via conventional ad tactics. However, when you promote your business through social media channels, beware of negative publicity from customers who are not satisfied with your service. If you cannot handle a bad review about your business, you will lose your existing and prospective clients within short time.

An established SEO company can offer you reliable online reputation management services to safeguard the online reputation of your business. This would include:

  • Identification of the channels relevant for your business
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Steps to build your online reputation
  • Steps to protect your image from defamation

If affected, steps will be taken to clear your reputation and restore your good name. A reliable reputation management company would use the right social media monitoring tools and strategies to find all negative mentions of your company online and create an effective response to deal with each adverse comment.

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