iPhone and iPod Touch App for Google Places for Business

The availability of Google features on mobile devices has always been an amazing combination of technologies. Google has now rolled out a new ‘Places for Business’ app which allows users to take advantage of Google’s ‘Places for Business’ platform on their iPhone or iPod. The news which will make you rejoice is that the app can help you manage your business listings created with Places for Business.

Google Places or ‘Places for Business’ service allows you to provide information about your business, get customer feedback, extend your reach by creating business listings, and enhance your visibility on Google Search, Maps, and Google+. Its advertising facility, ‘AdWords Express’, is a premium feature that allows customers clicking on your ad to call you and find directions to your business. Moreover, the ‘Google Offers’ feature helps attract customers with business offers. Google Places is a great advantage for local businesses as it provides them with a platform for creating local business listings and ads.

iPhone and iPod Touch App for Google Places for Business

Google search will prioritize the business listings created with Google Places and display them at very top of search engine results. For example, if you search for a jewelry shop in Los Angeles, Google will prioritize the list of businesses in that locality and show all possible places where you can find a jewelry shop in initial pages of search engine results. If you have properly optimized your business listing in Los Angeles on Google Places, then it will definitely come under the list of all possible places in the area displayed on Google search. Google Places optimization is offered as a part of local SEO services.

According to a Google spokesperson, the initial version of the Places for Business app was released inadvertently. Now, the business community eagerly awaits its actual roll-out. When available, this new app will enhance the flexibility of the ‘Places for Business’ service, providing greater ease of use and helping you manage your business better. This app is expected you allow you to

  • Verify business listings from your iPhone
  • Modify business information including hours, description, address and contact information
  • Upload pictures related to your business into local Google+ page
  • Check web traffic to your business listings
  • Manage more than one business location at a time

Industry watchers are pointing out is that the Places for Business app do not give a clear picture of the kind of businesses that it will really benefit from it. One can expect to hear more new thoughts on this innovation in the days to come.

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