Mobile Search Triggering Effective Conversions

Till recently, marketers mostly concentrated their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts on desktop based websites to gain more traffic and sales conversions. SEO techniques such as link building, keyword research, and social media were used for better brand exposure.
Mobile Search Triggering Effective Conversions

Now, smartphones and tablets taking precedence over desktops and PCs in online search, marketers are devising new SEO strategies exclusively for mobile search. Most people are choosing to make purchases via mobile search. According a Google and Nielson study, 77% of the mobile search happens at home or at work and 55% of the sales conversion through mobile search happen within one hour or less. Some of the findings of this study are:

  • 73% of mobile searches trigger follow-up actions
  • 63% of mobile search triggered actions occur within one hour of initial search
  • 45% of mobile based searches are performed to help make a purchase-related decision
  • 28% of mobile searches end in conversions

Besides helping people make purchase decisions, mobile search also encourages calls, offline store visits, and further product research. The study found that shoppers were most likely to notice ads when they were in stores or an environment that encourages purchase. This means that search marketers would find it useful to focus on product-related queries as they point to an intention to purchase immediately and can also to influence purchase in the near future.

The best way to boost sales conversion and revenue growth through mobile search is to get professional help from an established SEO company that can provide quality mobile SEO solutions and mobile application development for advertising and social networking.


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