Moving towards Mobile Ad Marketing

With the rising popularity of Smartphones, marketers and advertisers are now rethinking their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies which were previously focused on desktop devices such as PCs, laptops and notebooks.
Moving towards Mobile Ad Marketing
In 2012, there was an increase in the mobile engagement among marketers, though no immediate increase was seen in mobile investments. However, according to eMarketer, US mobile ad spending will reach 7.19 billion dollars this year and the mobile ad marketing trend is catching on. By adopting mobile-specific ad performance metrics, marketers can evaluate and improve their mobile ads tactics. Marketers now know that the behavior of mobile consumers is different from that of traditional consumers and are becoming focused on reworking on their marketing tactics to suit mobile consumer responses and profiles.

  • Strategies to driving traffic towards mobile websites – Marketers are developing effective strategies for optimizing mobile websites and driving web traffic towards these sites. Some of the strategies include monitoring mobile purchase outlines and timing needs within required vertical categories and building mobile ad tactics to reach targeted buyers through preferred referral channels.
  • Device-specific ad campaigns – There is a popular belief that mobile users come under a single category. However, in reality, Smartphone users go for immediate purchase irrespective of their location while tablet users search for price comparisons and product reviews at home. To get high ROI, marketers must build their ad campaigns that are more device-specific.
  • Including local info in mobile ad strategies – For successful monetization, adding local information to your mobile ad strategy is significant. This will help target consumers at their highest point of interest.  According to a recent study, consumers who indulge in mobile purchases show are influenced by local information such as phone number, address, directions).

A professional SEO company can provide your business with cost-effective mobile ad strategies, tailor-made to suit your needs.

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