SEO Strategies to Overcome Google’s New Panda Update

Google is obsessed when it comes to quality and has specifically designed its Penguin and Panda algorithmic updates to penalize web marketers that do not go by its quality guidelines. Truant websites that use black-hat techniques to get to the top of Google’s search engine result pages get slapped by Penguin and Panda. Google has released a Panda update this month, and many website owners are anxious as to how it will affect their site.

Here are Some Recommended SEO Measures to Overcome the Latest Panda Update:

  • Your web content must be simple, informative and sharable. The content you are posting in your site must provide visitors with relevant information.  Focusing solely on keyword density is no longer a dependable SEO tactic these days.  Use metrics such as the number of organic visits, page views and social interactions to measure your content. Panda won’t catch you if you provide quality content measurable by these factors.
  • Conduct regular SEO audits for your site. This will help identify broken links, empty pages, and internal page duplications, all of which would attract Panda’s wrath.  Utilize 301 redirects and the canonical tag to deal with these issues and prevent Panda from victimizing your site.
  • If you are using ads on your site, make sure that your site visitors don’t get irritated by them. Visitors are looking for informative content on your page.  If you want ads on your site, place them wisely with a proper design strategy.

Professional SEO companies have a team of SEO specialists that know about how Panda updates affect websites. They would also know how to tackle SEO issues that arise from Google’s algorithmic changes. Find a reliable partner that can provide you with cost-effective SEO services to help you avoid Google’s fury.

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