5 Groundbreaking Facebook Marketing Tips for Businesses

With every corner of the world connected via the internet, marketers, advertisers and business owners implement various search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to attract more traffic and to induce more conversion sales. With the arrival of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, they intensified their SEO efforts to attract more targeted people.

Facebook Marketing Tips for Businesses

As we know, Facebook is the most popular social media site around the world. If you want to promote your business on Facebook, here are five groundbreaking Facebook marketing tips that will gain you fans that can be converted to your valuable customers in the near future.

  • Creating Your own Fan Page – Facebook focuses on adding new features to make its platform more business-friendly. For example, they added fan pages aimed at businesses so that they can start optimizing with attractive and informative content. By creating your own fan page, you can include newsletter sign-up pages, applications and promote them among your Facebook friends. When a Facebook user becomes your fan, your updates will be automatically displayed on their wall thereby providing additional exposure.
  • Make Your Fan Page Unique – If you add tasteless content in your Facebook fan page, it is guaranteed that your fans will never visit your page again. You need to offer your fans something unique and different so that they keep coming back. For example, if you log in to Samsung mobile’s Facebook page, you can see that it updates its status regularly and offers new information on their products, services and other technological developments.
  • Make Your Page Visually Attractive – When you include content on your fan page, you have to add more images than just text so that your Facebook page will offer fans an interesting visual experience. You can add images related to your business, as well as those of your employees and your office with a small write-up about them.
  • Hold interactive campaigns – You can hold interactive campaigns such as contests and polls so that fans are encouraged to interact with you directly. For example, consider Domino’s ‘Show Us Your Pizza’ contest where users were asked to send photos of Domino’s pizzas they ordered. The company offered a prize of 500 dollars for the best picture.
  • Integrate Facebook Social plug-ins – Add social plug-ins such as Like button, LikeBox, Live Stream and Comments buttons to your website. You can also add Facebook social plug-in in your blog to enable users to post comments without registering.

If you want to expand your marketing campaigns to other social media sites such as Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, you can consider obtaining cost-effective social media marketing services from a reliable SEO service provider.

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