Brandable Domain V/s Keyword-rich Domain

Everyone looks for a competitive domain name, but there’s always some confusion on how to choose the right one. In a video by GoogleWebmasterHelp, Matt Cutts offers his views on domain name selection. There are basically two different strategies when it comes to this, says Cutts – you can choose a brandable domain name without keywords or a domain name that include keywords. While people have different reasons for making their choice, Cutts gives brandable domain names a thumbs-up and says that you don’t need a keyword optimized domain name for SEO (search engine optimization) success.

People tend to remember brand names and this is not because they are keywords. For instance, look at AVG or McAfee. These popular brand names do not have keywords related to antivirus software in their names, but everybody recognizes them and they have top page rankings on Google search.
Anti-virus Software on Google Search
Likewise, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Digg, Mashable, and many others made it without keyword-rich domain names.

Cutts does point out one advantage of keyword rich domains.  If you are looking for a particular business and it has keywords in its domain name, it’s likely that you will find it easily with these keywords. For instance, if you are searching with the keyword ‘SEO tools’, you find sites with these keywords in their domain names.
SEO Tools on Google Search

It all depends on your goals, says Cutts.

Cutts, however, is for brandable domain names. If there are several sites with the same keyword in their domain names, it would become difficult for them to stand out in a crowd. This is not the case with brands – people tend to remember sites with brandable domain names.

Google’s algorithmic updates have reduced the importance of keyword-rich domain names but if you are still for them, ensure you have good content that is relevant to your product or service.  Google rewards sites with fresh, informative content, so you can still get found if you play by the rules. A professional SEO company can help you with this.

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