Four Tips to Find Relevant Links beyond Related Industries

With the advent of rigid Penguin updates and devaluation of keyword anchor links, there is a lot of importance in ensuring the relevancy of links to avoid being penalized. There is a common belief that relevant links means only links from industries related to the particular business. But the truth is that relevant links need not be confined to related industries alone.

You can find a number of perfectly legitimate links outside them. If you do not widen your hunt for relevant links beyond related industries, you are definitely missing several opportunities to lure the search engines and improve your website’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking further more. Here are some tips to obtain relevant links beyond related industries.
Four Tips to Find Relevant Links beyond Related Industries

  • Get off the beaten track – Understand the actual purpose of your products and find out who your customers are. This will give an idea of where you can get relevant links. The website of a flower shop will surely attract links from gardening schools, flower planting services and farm equipment shops. But, if you want links from other fields, you need to think about the vast potential of your business. For example, you can definitely gain links from the sites of event managers as flowers are inevitable for weddings, conferences and parties.
  • Read quality, informative articles – Reading quality articles written by experienced journalists about your business can provide you constructive guidelines on acquiring relevant links. It can also help you understand the potential of your business in other industries too.
  • Closely Watch Top Brands and Magic Middle Sites – Top brands in the industry can achieve links from several websites naturally due to the popularity of the brand name. Closely watch the changes made in the websites of these brands and understand how they attract links this way. Magic Middle sites are nothing but well-written blogs having the capability to attract a large circle of people. Search for such sites and try to get links from them.
  • Learn from Disruptive Companies – A business whose innovative strategies force other businesses in the industry to introduce the necessary changes in their strategies is considered a disruptive company. For example, is a travel business website which provides the facility to list, search and book accommodation anywhere in the world. But they are not able to get many links from the travel industry of which they are a part, as most of the established hotels think that this site challenges their vested interests. This means that disruptive companies like have to look for quality links elsewhere. Many quality websites link to, and a close study of the ways in which a disruptive company acquires good links will help us understand how it is possible to achieve links beyond related industries.

Getting quality inbound links using these techniques is really a tedious and time-consuming task as it needs thorough research. A professional SEO company with adequate manpower and excellent SEO resources can be of great support for businesses looking to acquire quality links.

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