Google Play Integration and Google Tag Manager for Mobile Analysis

The Mobile App Analytics launched by Google at last year I/O has created waves among app developers and marketers. The insights provided have been helping them to create more successful mobile applications and measure metrics at acquisition, engagement and outcomes (such as in-app purchases). This year at I/O, Google has made two important announcements for improving the mobile analysis – Google Play Integration for Mobile App Analytics and Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps. It is expected that these will become available shortly.
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Google Play integrated to Mobile App Analytics can present the complete view of acquisition funnel or simply ‘sales’ funnel in a single and easy to understand report. As this report uses flow visualization, it is possible to select the path you want to analyze. The report will highlight that path and show you useful data points (such as drop off rate) along the funnel. Here are the data sources that you can find in the report.

  • Google Play Traffic Sources – This will help you identify the traffic sources and search keywords (on Google) that can attract maximum new users. Campaign sources can help to refine app marketing mix so that you can focus on campaigns and programs that will bring high quality traffic.
  • Google Play Views – Gives the number of views that your app receives in Google Play from each campaign or source.
  • Installs – Shows the total number of users who have installed your app from Google Play. It will help you determine the sources from which you can drive installation.
  • New Users – Shows how many users have launched your app beyond installation.

Google Play Integration and Google Tag Manager for Mobile Analysis

With sophisticated rule-based serving engine of Google Tag Manager and user-friendly management interface, ‘Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps’ can actually help the developers make changes to their applications even if those apps have already been downloaded by the users. Changing the configuration of mobile applications with Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps is as easy as changing values using Google Tag Manager Web interface and pressing the ‘Publish’ button to view the changes in seconds. You can configure ad values (frequency and duration), UI settings (colors, layouts etc.), time-based events (like in-app promotions) and virtually anything with your mobile application using this tag manager. It is possible to dynamically configure mobile apps on both Android and iOS server-side in the coming Beta release of GTM for Mobile.

If you want to try out GTM for Mobile at first, sign up for whitelist as soon as possible. Before that, you need to visit the site of Google Tag Manager and create an account of your own if you are not having an account.

The new face of mobile analysis is expected to enhance the SEO efforts for mobile platforms. Get the support of a professional SEO company engaged in mobile SEO, and gain maximum SEO benefits from these new developments.

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