Prop Up Your Keyword Research Using Free SEO Tools

Search engine optimization or SEO for your website begins with targeting the right keywords to develop quality content. Many marketers and advertisers spend a lot of time on keyword research so that their SEO efforts will not end in vain. The challenge lies in finding the right keywords relevant to the business. Not many businesses can use expensive SEO tools for keyword research. SEO experts point out that there are some free and highly effective SEO tools which can help identify the right keywords for a successful SEO strategy.

Rank Checker – Without SEO, a website may have low first or second page rankings for strategic keywords. So optimization measures targeting those keywords can help the site gain higher ranks in search results. An excellent tool that can help you find out where your website ranks with specific keywords in search results is Rank Checker, a Firefox extension. Rank Checker allows you to check your website’s rankings for up to 100 keywords in Google Microsoft’s Bing, and Yahoo Search.

Rank Checker

Before you use Rank Search, you need to identify potential keywords. Two free SEO tools that can help you do this are Adwords Keyword Tool and Google Analytics.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Using the Google Adwords keyword tool is easy if you have a Google Adwords account. Google Adwords helps you find the keywords that consumers using and the demand for those keywords. Once you sign up, you can search for relevant keywords using this tool by entering the category of products or services your website offers, the site or page that is going to be optimized or the names of product or services offered.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a favorite SEO tool among marketers and advertisers. It allows them to review keywords that are attracting organic traffic to a website. The organic search traffic report included in the Google Analytics tool helps monitor keywords that driving is organic traffic.

professional search engine optimization companies use the latest SEO tools to help their clients with keyword research. The right company can provide affordable keyword research services as part of their quality SEO solutions.

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