Smart Infographic Tools to Drive Home the Point

Infographics and visualizations are something websites and blogs are massively employing because of their greater interactivity with readers. Besides being interactive, they also help convey a lot of information quite easily.

Businesses can use infographics to perfectly present their product and service portfolio. New concepts, ideas and features, which may be complicated when presented theoretically, can be described beautifully using smart infographics.

The history of infographics goes back to the Neolithic Age when man conveyed ideas through wall pictures and scribblings. You now have smart Infographic tools that can help you say what you want. Check out, Piktochart,,, Tableau, Balsamiq and OmniGraffle!

Each of these has its own strong points – some have greater interactivity while others have more customization options. But they have one thing in common – they all help webmasters arrange and display their content easily. All you have to do is perhaps register and you have a range of graphics options at your disposal.

Take the Piktochart tool. It has six free themes that offer simple visualizations. There are quite a few customization options and the possibility to drag and drop various shapes and images. But there are a lot more themes with the paid version. is a great web-based, free tool that provides great themes and interface for simple infographics. Charts can be created with data by making use of the 31 chart options on offer. Video can also be added. also provides some free simple tools, many of which happen to integrate with popular social networks. The tool also provides a marketplace to connect with motion graphics artists and visual designers.

Professional SEO services employ these and other smart tools to ensure greater performance for client websites.

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