Some Unusual Sources for Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important element in search engine optimization. Finding the right keywords for your content goes a long way in improving the visibility of your website to gain higher search result rankings. With Google focusing on quality content, you need to find suitable keywords that will attract targeted traffic. Most marketers rely on keyword research tools such as the Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool to find suitable keyword phrases. However, some unconventional methods can also help greatly when it comes to finding keywords relevant to your site:

  • Visit your industry’s most popular forum and browse through the titles of the conversations that are getting the most views and responses. There is a high probability that you will find a wealth of keyword ideas that can be included in your keyword research list. Imagine that you are in software industry and need content based on the latest developments in building ERP software. You can find relevant keywords for that content from forums which discuss the development, installation and troubleshooting of various ERP software.
  • Popular blog sites publish their most popular posts at the end of a calendar year. These are blogs with the most views and shares, and would contain powerful keywords ideas suitable for your content. Specific searches based on popular blogs and the traffic they attract can provide you with exhaustive results. For example, if your content is about a latest product from Google, say Google Glass, then simply search Google Glass along with ‘best post’ word and recent year. You can find a list of the latest blogs on Google Glass and pick up the keywords by reading two or three blogs from top search results.
  • Retail sellers can go to eBay to find the keywords that targeted customers associate with the products offered. A search for possible keywords related to these products on eBay will produce a list of possible and relevant queries with valuable keywords. Suppose, you are a flower seed seller and want to find keywords for the promotion of content based on your seeds. Simply search flower seed on eBay website and you will find several keywords related to it, such as different kinds of flower seeds and flower seeds free shipping.


  • Even telephone enquires from customers can provide businesses with solid hints on their area of interests. Consider that you are providing data recovery services. One day, a customer calls you and enquires about server recovery or file recovery for his/her enterprise. This tells you that ‘server recovery’ and ‘file recovery’ are phrases that customers associate with the service and that they can be used as keywords.

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