Specific API Is Now Included in Google Analytics’ Content Experiments

Google has always had a helping mentality towards website owners and marketers, providing them various tools and techniques to optimize their websites. Last year Google released Content Experiments, which is the modified version of the popular Google Analyticswebsite optimizer tool. The new feature is included in Google Analytics tool and it aims at providing a great experience for marketers and site owners as regards the content testing of their sites.

The Content Experiments feature enables you to optimize for objectives you already defined in your Google Analytics account and can help you choose layouts, page designs and content that are most effective for your site. Also, you can develop several versions of your site pages and display them to different visitors. Then Google Analytics determines the most effective version by measuring the efficiency of each page version.

During the last week of May 2013, Google announced the launch of a specific API for Content Experiments. Marketers and site owners can find better use with this feature while conducting A/B content tests. The Content Experiments API allows them to develop a customized SEO strategy, by effectively choosing all features available in the Google Analytics account.

Some of the benefits of using API include bypassing optimization programmed by Google by implementing a multi-armed bandit tactic. By relying on this approach you can work on variations of your A/B content testing.

Another advantage is that with Content Experiments API you can perform content testing without using redirects. For example, when you perform A/B tests, the snippet of code you embedded on your site page “A” redirects visitors to the page “B”. With the API feature you can avoid this issue.

The new Content Experiments API also allows web developers to run server side tests with various page-dependent components.

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