Target Mobile Ad Marketing

Mobile phones are now seen as the smart tool for search engine optimization (SEO). With more digital consumers relying on their Smartphones, it’s no wonder that the focus of marketers has shifted to mobile devices and away from desktops. A recent study noted that one out of every three minutes online is spent “beyond the PC.”
Target Mobile Ad Marketing
In 2012, there was an increase in the mobile engagement among marketers, but proportionally less mobile investments. However, according to eMarketer, US mobile ad spending will reach 7.19 billion dollars this year. The majority of businesses are catching up on the mobile ad marketing trend. Adopting mobile-specific ad performance metrics help marketers evaluate and improve their mobile ad tactics. Marketers now know the behavior of mobile consumers, which is different from that of traditional consumers, and rework their marketing tactics to suit mobile users.

  • Driving traffic towards mobile websites – Beginning this year, marketers have shifted their focus to developing effective strategies for optimizing mobile websites and driving web traffic towards these them. Strategies adopted include monitoring mobile purchase trends, timing needs within required vertical categories, and building ad tactics to get to buyers via their most preferred channels.
  • Using device-specific ad campaigns – The common perception is that mobile users come under one single category inclusive of both Smartphone and tablet users. Actually they’re different – Smartphone users are on the go and make immediate purchases irrespective of their location, while tablet users use their device at home and search for price comparisons and product reviews before they decide to buy. High ROI depends on a device-specific ad campaign.
  • Providing local info – Successful mobile monetization depends on providing local info and local deals.  A mobile ad strategy that places stress on local factors is more likely to generate consumer interest.  A recent study, Mobile Path to Purchase, showed that the purchase decisions of mobile consumers are driven by local information such as phone number, address, driving directions, and so on.

A professional SEO company can provide your business with mobile SEO solutions for major platforms such as Android and iOS.

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