Using Vine to Promote Your Brand

Popular micro-blogging site Twitter recently launched Vine, a video sharing app that enables users to create and post a six-second video clip. Vine has become hugely popular among regular users and there’s no reason why this video sharing app should not be used by businesses as part of their social media marketing strategy. Creating a short video clip and adding it to your Twitter profile can make your tweets eye-catchy and interesting. Here are some tips to create Vine videos for your online marketing:
Using Vine to Promote Your Brand

  • Use your logo creatively to build brand awareness. For that to happen, begin a story with your logo in a unique or strange place. Chase it through with a series of Vine videos till your logo ends up in special place. Placing your logo prominently throughout the video would be sure to give a lasting impression.
  • To get people talk about your brand, you can hold contests with Twitter followers to create their own Vine videos. This will improve interaction with consumers and also would provide your product with better online visibility and better brand awareness.
  • Many smartphone cameras allow 30 frames per second. Use this capability to create animated Vine videos using stop motion. This is a unique and creative solution to build brand awareness.

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