Facebook‘s Mobile Ad Revenue Up

Facebook‘s Mobile AdFacebook recently reported a 28% surge in its shares, with about 41% of its advertising revenue coming from mobile advertising. Up to 71 percent of Facebook’s monthly active users (MAUs) were mobile users during its latest quarter says a recent report. Industry sources expect further revenue growth through advertising on its photo sharing site Instagram and 15-second videos.

With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, many businesses including Google have concentrated on mobile marketing and advertising and have successfully made huge profits out of it. According to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg nearly half a billion people use Facebook everyday and he expects his company to make more revenue on mobile than desktop PC.

With businesses now engaged in Facebook marketing, the social media site has over one million active advertisers and this has doubled compared to last year. According to Facebook, there is an overall increase in ads which make up 5% or one in 20 stories in the site’s newsfeed. For example, the popular mobile operator T-Mobile executed an advertising campaign on Facebook to sell new mobile phones. They used offer ads by Facebook and 9% of the Facebook users who claimed the offer converted to T-Mobile within 10 days. By implementing this campaign, T-Mobile got ROI that was 20 times more than expected. This goes to show that a Facebook ad can generate impressive ROI for online marketers.

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