Google’s Matt Cutts Clears Doubts about Content Specific to a Geo-targeted Location

Nowadays search engine optimization is much more content-specific and Google and other search engines will not compromise on content quality. The focus is on providing users with new and updated information. To target customers of a specific geo-location, marketers and advertisers register country-code top level domains or ccTLD. For example, to enable users residing in the US to access your website, it must have a domain, and for users in Australia, your site must have a domain. Since the registration of these domains is restricted, you have to prove that your site is operating from the designated territory or country; there are some countries that have opened up domain registration for everyone.

Search engines including Google use website location in its ranking algorithms, so a searcher in the US is more likely to see websites from the US in the search results. For top level domains that are not restricted to a particular country, Google utilizes other methods such as the location of the server to determine in which country your site is most visited or most relevant.

Recently, Matt Cutts the head of search spam of Google, cleared doubts raised by many marketers regarding the use of generic ccTLDs such as .IO and .IM for targeting location-based customers. Matts said that when a site uses a ccLTD, Google will assume that its content is targeted at one particular area or location specified by the domain. If the site’s content is not specific to geo-targeted customers or not relevant to the country level domain, then the site is doing disservice to that domain.

To help site owners, Google has updated its list of ccTLDs that are considered generic, which include the popular .com domain. The list contains a few country codes that are now considered as generic because they are used worldwide and are not country specific. You can get more information about the list of ccLTDs from Google Webmaster Tools.

If you are targeting the customers of one particular location, you need professional assistance and for that a professional SEO company can help you. Let them know your requirements and they can provide you customized geo-targeted services or local SEO services that can increase your site traffic, and ensure enhanced ROI.

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