Google’s Universal Analytics for Business

The limited Beta release of Universal Analytics by Google Analytics last October was welcomed by various businesses as it provided them with a picture of customer shopping behavior and allowed them to provide them with more customized solutions. The success of initial beta release has paved way to make Universal Analytics public for all Google Analytics customers.
Universal Analytics
Universal Analytics is based on the pretext that businesses need to measure not only website traffic but also their effectiveness in advertising, sales, product use, support, and customer retention. Universal Analytics offers tools via an API that allows businesses to send their data to Google Analytics to help them measure how they attract and retain customers.

Universal Analytics offers powerful benefits for businesses:

  • Gives a clear picture about how customers interact with your business from multiple touchpoints such as phones, tablets, laptops and more.  This allows you to provide them with a more customized experience.
  • Provides ‘Mobile App Analytics and Crash Exception Measurement’ features which help you analyze the effectiveness of your mobile apps. You can find out how often your app is downloaded and installed, who is using your app, the way users interact with your app, and how far your app achieves your ecommerce objectives.
  • Incorporates offline and online interactions so that it will be easier to determine which channels can drive better results. You can plan your marketing strategy accordingly and improve lead generation and ROI.
  • Reducing client-side demands improves the latency on your website. (latency, the new challenge websites are facing, is the amount of time it takes for the host server to receive and process a request for a page object).

Implementing Universal Analytics is quite easy. You can choose Universal Analytics if you are new to Google Analytics. If you are already using Google Analytics, simply create a new web property in your account to examine the features of Universal Analytics.

Once you set up your new web property, choose the Universal Analytics column to obtain the analytics.js code snippet to implement the analytics on your website. It is also possible to implement Universal Analytics with iOS and Android SDKs for apps. This allows you to collect user engagement data from these platforms. For other platforms, use Google’s new Measurement Protocol to implement Universal Analytics.

If you want to make additional changes and add new features to your analytics setup, use the Universal Analytics template in Google Tag Manager. This template allows you to make more changes and enable new features in your analytics without changing the intricate codes tags on your website.

With features such as new data collection methods, simplified configuration, custom dimensions and custom metrics, and multi-platform tracking, Universal Analytics is a valuable tool for your SEO campaign, especially if you are a multichannel business. By focusing on your customers and allowing you to gain better insights into their behavior and how they convert, Universal Analytics can help you provide them with a better shopping experience.

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