How Facebook EdgeRank Checker Works

Everyone in the SEO industry knows that Facebook marketing is the most preferred online marketing campaign due to the huge popularity of this social media site. Over the years, Facebook made several changes such as providing new features like timeline, graph search and addition of subscribe button, and offered some effective tools for internet marketers and advertisers. Like Google that ranks websites according to their content, Facebook has now created a new algorithm called EdgeRank that ranks contents in the newsfeed section of Facebook page.

EdgeRank Checker

We can define EdgeRank as an algorithm that ranks objects in the Newsfeed of your Facebook page. For your information, object refers to data such as status updates in a user’s newsfeed. This algorithm will decide which of your contents will be displayed in the newsfeed. When you interact with an object such as liking or commenting on a status update, Facebook calls it an Edge. The EdgeRank algorithm ranks Edges in your Facebook page’s newsfeed. Each Edge consists of 3 important components namely Affinity, Weight and Time Decay.

  • Affinity – If you have a business page in Facebook, Affinity determines how close the “relationship” is between your brand and a fan. It determines the continuous interactions with your brand’s Edges such as liking, sharing, commenting, clicking and messaging.
  • Weight – The function of Weight component is to increase or decrease the value of certain interactions within Facebook. For example, comments will be given more value than a “Like”.
  • Time Decay – This component refers to how long an Edge is alive in the newsfeed or in other words, the older an Edge becomes the lesser is its importance.

EdgeRank Checker

Facebook EdgeRank Checker

When you multiply all the above three components for each Edge and then add the Edge scores up, you can get an object’s EdgeRank. Objects with the highest ranking are placed at the top of your newsfeed. To optimize your brand in your Facebook page, you can check into where there are tools to increase your brand’s Facebook visibility. You can use this tool for your social media marketing campaign.

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