How to Check Keyword Rankings for Your Site

Keyword ranking for your site has a significant impact on web traffic, lead generation and conversions. In answer to a query on how to check the keyword rankings for your own site, Matt Cutts explains why you shouldn’t just stick to the conventional approach of looking through the results of a Google search on specific trophy keywords.

Right at the outset, Cutts points out that searching trophy keywords on Google is not the right way to approach SEO. Long tail keywords and different types of phrases that can bring in more traffic, are what matter, he says.

The idea behind long tail is that if you create content and optimize it for keywords that are not common, these terms will face less competition and this will ultimately lead to higher search rankings and more page views.

Here is an example of the search results for using a trophy keyword ‘SEO services’ and a long tail keyword ‘SEO services company Tulsa’:

Keyword Ranking

The site gets ranked high on the first page of Google search results for the long tail keyword.

It is not enough to check how well these long tail phrases rank. You should take a look at your server log to find the entire constellation of phrases that people already searching for and using to find your site.

Matt Cutts also suggests that apart from the server log, you should look at conversation rates – how often visitors to your website turn into customers or do something you want them to do. This will take a lot of factors into consideration such as your ROI on PPC, whether the snippet or title can attract clicks, and so on.

So look to provide value to your users so that you can maximize your ROI. Rather than spending your valuable time and resources to understand how you rank for specific keywords, Cutts recommends a more holistic approach for SEO success.

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