Increasing Your Social Media Potential

With social networking activity rising each day, there is no doubt that the influence social media activity exerts on the search rankings is rising. But though it may sound like a piece of cake, social media optimization isn’t exactly that. If you aren’t a big brand you cannot achieve success by merely creating Facebook and Twitter accounts. You need to plan and work to get your audience, hook them up, track your social media publicity, update your accounts, and measure your overall performance. Fortunately, there are some tools around that can help you with that.
Social Media Tools

Analyzing Your Audience

Simply Measured and Social Crawlytics are two great tools that can help in your effort to effectively analyze the trends and stuff that can get your potential audience interested and talking in the social networks. These tools help you understand about your competitors’ social media audience. You can get a clear idea about the kind of content that is shared the most and which of your competitors gets greater attention from those who hang out in the social networks. This is valuable information that can help you plan your social networking campaign.

Social Crawlytics is a free service and provides detailed analytics covering major networks including Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon and Pinterest.

Updating Your Accounts

Once your social media accounts are created, you need to keep updating them so that people don’t lose interest in you. You need to keep the audience you have earned really interested in your account and business, and also get more people hooked through their sharing and other activities. However, updating multiple accounts regularly is easier said than done. Tools such as Buffer and Sprout Social help ease the updating process and allow you to schedule posts across various social networking platforms.

Track Mentions

Finally, you need to keep track of the mentions people make of your business in the various social networking platforms. This can help you effectively target your audience. Here too, you’ve got great tools such as Social Mention that can provide you with detailed information about the nature of the various mentions made in the platforms for any keyword or brand you enter, as the following screenshot shows:

With these resources, and the assistance of a professional SEO company that can offer comprehensive social media optimization services, you can effectively tap into the massive potential that social media has to offer.

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