Local SEO Survey Highlights Preference for Onsite SEO and Google+ Optimization Services

A survey by leading SEO software company BrightLocal reported that most local companies preferred on-site SEO and Google+ optimization services. The company’s local SEO industry survey, conducted between January 20 and February 2013, covered 1,409 respondents that included freelancers, small digital agencies and web designers.

The survey focused on five key aspects: clients and industries, agency size and turnover, marketing and sales, services and tasks, and future outlook. It found that the SEO services most often requested by clients represented the services provided by most SEO companies. Here are some of the important observations of the survey.

Local SEO

  • Onsite SEO and Google+ optimization are the most preferred services, and out rank strategies such as web development, PPC, link building, content development and social media marketing.
  • About 34% of the survey respondents claim that they had a turnover of less than $30,000 in the last twelve months and 17% claimed to have a turnover more than $500,000.
  • General search was identified as the most effective online platform for generating customers for their clients by more than 80% of respondents. The top three effective online platforms include PPC and local search, outranking display advertising, classified websites and daily deals ranking.
  • Up to 91% of the respondents said that word-of-mouth is most effective tool when it comes to marketing their own business and attracting new clients. About 46% attributed new clients to SEO efforts, which got ranked second. About 18% preferred professional networking site LinkedIn over Facebook and Twitter.

Regardless of the nature of your local business, effective local SEO depends on your choice of service provider. Choose a professional SEO company that can provide you with reliable onsite SEO and Google+ optimization strategies to boost your online visibility.

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