Adwords Quality Score Reporting: How to Tackle Latest Change

On July 26 2013, Google announced that it is going to change the way quality score is reported in Adwords. High quality score is imperative for an ad campaign as it implies lower Cost-Per-Clicks (CPCs), ad display in top positions and more conversions with no need to raise bids. Hence, it is obvious that now you may be apprehensive about the impact of this change, like how it will affect your current quality score – whether the score will fall – and what steps can be taken to improve the score, and so on. Here are some answers to these questions.

First, let’s see how your ad campaigns can gain a higher quality score. If your campaign can provide the type of information that visitors want, then Adwords will reward you with a high score. For instance, if a visitor search for ‘military watch’, finds that your ad campaign is about ‘military watches’, and buys a watch from your website by clicking on your ad, then your ad campaign would earn a high quality score. To be more specific, Quality Score mainly depends on three key factors: expected Click-Through Rate (CTR) (how many clicks your ad got from your keywords, display URL’s past CTR, overall click-through rates of all ads and keywords), ad relevance (how relevant a particular keyword to your ad campaign, ad performance in same site, different sites and various types of devices) and landing page experience (page transparency and navigability).

Adwords Quality Score Reporting: How to Tackle Latest Change

Google says that the latest reporting change binds these three factors more tightly with quality score. Moreover, the search engine giant has confirmed that it is the way of reporting that has changed, not the way of calculating the quality score. It suggests that the new change will not directly affect your ad performance and you can move on with the job of optimizing your ads for the three key factors to improve the quality score.

Now, you may wonder why the reporting change is so much crucial for your ad campaigns. According to Google, this change will make it easier for businesses to revise their ads based on the quality score and also to get a better view as to whether changes to their ads are working or not. Google’s offers the following guidelines to improve ad strategies:

  • Understand customer needs
  • Create specific ad groups
  • Choose keywords relevant to the groups
  • Add those keywords into ad text
  • Build up simple, attractive ads
  • Implement strong call-to-actions (buy, sell, order and more)
  • Try multiple ads
  • Review your ad campaign regularly

Businesses that use quality score as part of their automated rules would need to adjust or correct the way these rules are relating to the new displayed quality score. Those with highly active ad campaigns may use the rules to connect high quality score to a higher cost per click to get to the top spot. They may also cut CPC spending on ads having a low quality score.

The best way to tackle the latest change is to consult a professional internet marketing company that can offer reliable PPC services along with other online marketing techniques to improve your ad quality and boost sales and revenue.

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