Do More Google +1s and Lead to Top SERP Ranking?

Online marketing software provider Moz conducts scientific correlation study in every two years to identify the qualities of web pages that rank highly in Google search results. This year, the study has provided an important revelation – that there is a positive relationship between Google +1 and high search engine rankings. This is obvious from the Moz graph on the factors correlated to high search page rankings.

SERP Ranking

Google +1s rank just after Page Authority (PA), beating other popular metrics such as the number of linking root domains and Facebook activities. Apart from top Google results and factors, categories from AdWords and monthly US local search volume were used in the research.

Search metrics followed a different approach and reached a similar conclusion. This study evaluated the first 30 search results for 10,000 keywords by examining 300,000 websites, along with navigational searches. Google +1 ranked as the top correlated factor to higher search engine rankings.

The Moz team says that this result is different from their findings of the correlation between Facebook activity and search engine ranking back in 2011, which Google did not accept. However, this time, Moz says that the relationship between +1s and higher rankings goes further than mere correlation and is connected to actual causation. As a platform for SEO, Google+ is superior to other social media platforms for SEO. Posts shared on Google+ are crawled and indexed abruptly and pass link equity (shares the links going to your website). Google+ sends strong semantic signals to Google’s search algorithm. That’s why Moz concludes that taking advantage of Google+ can yield many SEO benefits.

Responding to this, Matt Cutts stated that +1s aren’t used directly in Google’s algorithm. But Google Plus does pass Page Rank and anchor text. The truth is that most of a site’s +1’s result in post sharing on Google+. This in turn results in organic link building by creating a followed link back to the post.

Rather than increasing your +1s, you should try to earn links on Google+ by using this platform to build relationships, share good content to attract natural links, add Google authorship information to the content you publish, use relevant social sharing buttons to make your content easy to share on Google+, and so on. A professional SEO company that offers Google Plus marketing services can help with this and more.

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