Facebook Users Beware of Swallowing the Bait Zeus

The social media site Facebook is popular for online social networking and for being a perfect platform for marketing and advertising campaigns. According to a recent report in New York Times, Facebook users are now threatened by a Trojan horse or malware named “Zeus” that has been roaming around for six years. The malware is spreading in Facebook through phishing messages or links; when users click on them, the virus enters your computer and remains dormant there till someone logs into a bank account. It then swipes user names and passwords so that hackers can access it and drain your bank accounts. Sometimes, it may even replace a bank site with its own version for stealing more information such as your social security number.

Zeus has infected millions of computers, particularly in the US and it mainly spreads through unintended downloads and through phishing schemes. Now it is spreading through the popular social networking site and even though Facebook is aware of the issue, they are not serious about it.

Facebook Users Beware of Swallowing the Bait Zeus

According to the article, the malware is spreading from computers controlled by the Russian Business Network, a criminal gang based in Russia known for engaging in various online criminal activities ranging from identity theft to child pornography. The malware has been active since 2007 and new evidences show that it is getting more aggressive.

Zeus mainly targets Windows machines and doesn’t work on Mac OS X or Linux OS machines.

  • To protect yourself from these kinds of dangers, it’s better to stay away from links that look strange to you and do not click on them at all.
  • To protect your accounts, consult with your bank and learn about the safest way to access your statements.
  • Make sure that you log out when you have completed your online banking.

Let’s hope Facebook will take speedy action to address this issue and make the social media site safe and secure as users expect it to be.

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