Latest SEO Trends to Target Long-Tail Keywords

Many websites use SEO techniques that optimize their content for long-tail keywords with only one goal – conversion. They fail to achieve their online visibility goals and don’t understand why. What these businesses fail to realize is that Google is now adamant about authoritative information and does not back sites which use techniques to boost conversions. Google likes only sites that offer authentic content and a great user experience. So what is the solution if you are not a major brand and need to target several long tail keywords to attract your targeted audience? Here are some tips to help you enhance your SEO and user experience:
SEO Trends

  • Get Ideas on Content – Call in your team for a brainstorming session. Discuss the pages or content that you want to create first rather than jumping into keyword research. This is sure to generate the most creative and best ideas discussions and better than spending time on extensive research.
  • Understand User Needs – Find out what a visitor to your website may be expecting by interviewing past users, conducting survey on prospective customers or online research on your niche. The content that addresses the needs of the maximum number of users can be used to identify popular long-tail keywords. Suppose that you sell decorative pottery, a poll can help you understand what people are looking for. If it’s patio decoration items and you offer this, you can focus on long-tail keywords related to patio decoration.
  • Think about Complementary Products and Services – You should do some research on the kind of products that you don’t offer, but that buyers will need along with your product. For instance, if you sell shoes, socks are a complementary product. Use this information you find on socks to offer your potential customers a comprehensive solution.
  • Take a Close Look at Competition – If you look at competitor sites, you can get an idea about how they used long-tail keywords. You can use that information as a baseline for developing your strategies. Make sure you don’t copy your competitors, especially sites that lack authority.
  • Quality-based Quantitative Research – Keyword volumes also deserve attention, though you should never compromise on the user experience. Sometimes, keywords with a lot of search volume do not give results because the information is not important to the user. So quantity actually takes second place compared to quality.
  • Analyze Page Value – You should confirm that the page that you create can really add value to your website.

Create sample design and test it via sites such as and Mechanical Turk. You can get feedback on your mockups from a panel of selected users or from your own customers almost instantly. A professional SEO company which offers reliable keyword research services can help you to implement these solutions more effectively.

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