Unconventional Keyword Resources for Your SEO

Keywords are to SEO what water is to fish. The conventional approach is based on delving into the keywords that your competitors is using and developing better content using those keywords to outsmart them. But what you should really be looking at is how to get to a place your competition hasn’t reached and then attracting visitors who need your products or services. You can do this by devising a keyword strategy that goes beyond the conventional and targets keywords that have low competition and higher search volume.

The first rule is to think beyond your competition. This may seem quite contradictory, but it makes sense if you look at things more closely. Here are four unconventional keyword resources that you should start thinking about:

Popular posts of the year: At the end of a year, many leading websites highlight their most popular posts. A Google search can provide you with posts related to your field. For instance, if you are in the restaurant business and you want to find new keywords and content ideas for your search engine optimization, you could try a search as follows:

Keyword Resources

Clicking on a post (the first one, for example) would give you an idea of the number of people who visited the blog and provide you with content ideas on relevant topics. Backlink analysis would help you find out which of these posts received links.

Think Wikipedia: Wikipedia often comes up as the first result for keywords with a lot of potential. Wikipedia is not your competition, but don’t ignore such results. Use the Wikipedia article traffic statistics tool to discover the volume of traffic to a Wikipedia page over the last 90 days so that you can decide whether that page is worth outranking or not.

Keyword data on a Government website: If a government website ranking is higher than yours, it’s worth checking out. You should collect info on its keywords, popular pages, and referring sites and see which keywords are helping to boost the website’s ranking. Use the keywords to promote your niche, create content based on the most visited pages, and use the referral data to build useful links.

Build industry awareness: Know what’s happening in your niche, you can do this by setting up news alerts. You should also be active on social media so that you know what users are talking about and what interests them. Check out Q&A sites for information. This will help to develop keywords and write content based on it. Then publish and promote your content as blogs articles videos, and so on. These tactics can help you jumpstart your content marketing.

A professional SEO company would have a team of SEO specialists to help you with SEO keyword research and content development to jumpstart your SEO campaign.

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