Bing Revamps Video Search

Bing recently revamped its video search to enhance the experience for users looking for videos. The recently added features allow browsers to find the best online videos on their searched topic. In addition to videos from YouTube, Hulu and Vimeo videos, the new Bing video search brings you videos from DailyMotion, MSN, MTV and more. Here’s what makes the new Bing video search an outstanding experience.

New Preview Mode – The new preview mode allows you to watch a short preview by simply rolling the cursor over the video thumbnails. The Pop-out Hover Previews as Bing calls the upgraded preview mode, is superior to the former previews as it offers larger, higher resolution thumbnails which make it easier for the user to scan through videos and make their choice. It also allows the viewing of more information about the selected video such as favicons from top sites, and description and number of views as shown as below. The new preview mode also features volume control.

Bing Revamps Video Search

Filter Improvements – In addition to the three filters (Length, Resolution, Source) available earlier, Bing has added a new filter Date to video search so that you can sort search results by date and view the latest or oldest videos based on your need. The improved filters take into account common video sizes such as 720p and 1080p. Source filters have improved specific search.

Bing Revamps Video Search

Video Overlay – After you have watched a selected video, you are presented with a video overlay light box which lets you select the next video without leaving the collection. You can look into the carousel at the bottom part of the light box or related searches in the right side (which can narrow down your search) to find the video you want. The new video overlay thus ensures improved navigation.

Bing Revamps Video Search

Catchy and interesting videos are one of the most effective ways of gaining online visibility for your business. It’s no wonder that a search engine giant like Bing has enhanced the video search experience. To see your video displayed prominently in key search engines for important keyword search, tie up with a professional SEO company that offers viral video marketing services as part of its strategies.

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