Google Revamps Search Results to Include “In-depth Articles”

Google is always trying to enhance user experience. In addition to providing users with quality content, the goal is to enable people to find exactly what they want and quickly. The latest in this attempt is the revamp of Google’s main search results to include in-depth articles which will provide people with high quality content on the topics they are searching for.

According to Google’s official blogpost, high quality articles, blogs and papers will be ranked algorithmically in its search results. Besides articles from well-known publishers, the new feature will provide you with long, interesting and informative articles from lesser-known sources. Google offers tips to help optimize sites for the “in-depth articles” feature:

  • Implement attributes of the Article markup such as headline, alternative Headline, crawlable and indexable image, description, date Published and article Body
  • Ensure authorship markup to help Google’s algorithms find and present relevant authors and experts in search results
  • Proper pagination markup and accurate canonicalization for multi-part content to help help the search engine’s algorithms correctly identify the extent of the published articles
  • Logos help users identify the source of an article quickly. Webmasters can give Google indications about the types of logo for their website by creating a Google+ Page and linking to the site and using the organization markup to specify their logo.

It’s obvious that the stress of this new feature from Google is on good content that will remain relevant for a long time, even years after publication. Organizations can get excellent web content writing services and business blogging services on topics related to their niche from professional SEO companies.