How Google’s “Precise and Fast” Hummingbird Will Impact SEO

Google has unveiled a new search algorithm – “Hummingbird”. Google’s algorithms search through billions of web pages and other information to return what it believes are the best answers to what people are looking for. Hummingbird seeks to provide better answers to the increasingly complex questions posed by Web users. Hummingbird assures “precise and fast” search results, says Google.

When asked about the possible impact on SEO, Google Search Chief Amit Singhal said that there is nothing to worry about and their guidelines remain the same, that is, your site will not be adversely affected if your site has original, high quality content.

Search engines page ranking depends on using the right combination of ranking factors. Search engine optimization is all about ensuring that your web content can generate the right signals to get it noticed by search engines. SEO experts consider content, html, architecture, links, trust and social as SEO success factors.
Google’s Hummingbird
These signals remain important and Hummingbird processes them with its new and advanced techniques. Hummingbird is brand new though it continues to retain some parts of a former algorithm. This new search algorithm is unlike Panda and Penguin which were changes to parts of an old algorithm, and did not totally replace it.

It’s a month since Hummingbird went live and there have been no complaints about loss of PageRank, though only time can determine the full impact of the change.

Hummingbird is designed to benefit those who use modern techniques such as conversational or voice search, which involves asking Google a question rather than typing keywords into the search box. It is looking at all the words in a particular query and the relationship between the words to provide better search results based on the intention of your search than simply the keywords.

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