Tips to Optimize Google Shopping Search Results

Google has a reputation for assisting users in the best way possible. With online shopping picking up pace as a popular trend, Google started its own online shopping service where users can search for products at various online stores and compare the product prices of different vendors.

If you want to improve your marketing via Google Shopping site you need to employ certain marketing strategies. When developing a particular SEO strategy you must not optimize for keywords but for product targets. Your search results cannot be boosted by raising bids. Also, you cannot see your average position or quality score on the page.

Tips to Optimize Google Shopping Search Results

Here are some tips to improve your Google Shopping search results and obtain more conversions.

  • When adding product listing ads and paid search ads in Google search, it is important to be consistent in your product pricing and related offers. Make sure each ad is reasonable in its own right, and it will ensure your branding as users see your product ads across various channels.
  • The titles for your product feed must be eye-catching with relevant keywords and your brand name, which is a good tactic for enhancing CTR. Google permits 70 character title but when it comes to Google Shopping results, the title may be reduced to 20 characters, so you must be careful when creating product titles.
  • Identify the negative search terms that are stealing your profits by monitoring your search query report. By gathering all negative search terms to your negative search term list, you can prevent unprofitable clicks and save money.
  • Be careful when increasing your bid in the Google Shopping search results since raising a bid in Google Shopping doesn’t necessarily bring the required web traffic but only increases the cost. Check on your negative search terms and then experiment thoroughly before executing your raising bid tactic.

There are professional SEO companies out there that can assist you in optimizing Google Shopping search results by using the latest SEO tactics. Professional SEO solutions will help enhance your business prospects and give you an edge over competition.

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