Top Five Common SEO Mistakes

If you want your SEO campaign to produce the desired results, you need to have a proper perspective about your strategy and be vigilant about avoiding certain mistakes. The right approach will help you maintain PageRank even in the face of Google’s algorithmic updates. In a video by GoogleWebmasterHelp, Google’s Developer Programs Tech Lead Maile Ohye talks about five common mistakes that SEOs should avoid:
Top Five Common SEO Mistakes
Not Having a Value Proposition – Not having a value proposition when you implement SEO is the first mistake to avoid. Every business website needs a strong value proposition to tell people what makes them stand apart from the rest. So identify your value proposition before you try to optimize your site. If you have an ecommerce business, you may need to project better prices, free shipping, or something similar if you want to grab attention and get people to visit your site. For instance, take a look at this search result:
Top Five Common SEO Mistakes

This business clearly indicates its value prop as “free shipping and easy returns”. Combining a value proposition with a great user experience would ensure the best results, says Ohye.

Segmented Approach to SEO – Avoid a segmented approach. This happens when the SEO team for your site works independently and does not communicate with your development and marketing teams. You need to have a holistic approach consider the entire user experience – from marketing campaigns to conversions and repeat business. When you plan your SEO strategy, align it with your larger business objectives. This is possible only if all segments or departments communicate and work together. For instance, as a member of the SEO team, you may need to convey SEO principles to developers so that they can make the necessary changes to optimize web design for search engine visibility. Moreover, SEO cannot focus only on regular keywords – you have to integrate your marketing campaigns and optimize for new keywords.

Time-consuming Workarounds – Sticking with complex, outdated practices instead of trying new measures can be a waste when it comes to optimizing your site. For example, it was too difficult to make search engines crawl new or updated pages quickly earlier. Webmasters need to update sitemaps with new URLs, upload new sitemap files, and finally submit them to Google. You can now resolve this problem using the ‘Fetch as Googlebot’ tool which allows you to upload a large number of URLs quickly and get you crawled in 24 hours. So focus on new features and best practices to simply your SEO tasks, advises Ohye.

Getting Caught in SEO TrendsSEO companies and webmasters initially focused on chasing the users and conversions; later, the focus shifted to chasing search engine algorithms and maintaining optimal keyword density. However, Google is now concerned more about readable, informative content rather than optimal keyword density. So, don’t get caught in SEO trends, says Ohye. Focus on creating compelling and informative content to gain lasting value.

Slow Iterations – SEO is constantly evolving, so can bring you better results only if your SEO team ensures faster iteration. The best approach is to define a measure for success, introduce improvements, check its impact, create new improvements, and prioritize improvements on the basis of market goals. Then repeat. Also, make sure that your site stays agile. Using Google tools such as rich snippets and video sitemaps will help.

To avoid these common mistakes, do something creative that sets you apart from the crowd. Have a solid value proposition. Do some serious research, find the right keywords for your niche, and create fresh, attractive content that includes these keywords. Revamp your site architecture, if necessary. Make sure your title tags and meta descriptions can attract natural traffic. Be active on leading social networks, focus on building up your natural links and +1s, and ensure that your business is accessible on new mobile devices.

Partnering with a professional SEO company can help you avoid these SEO mistakes and benefit with a customized search engine optimization strategy to enhance your online presence.

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