Bing Seeking to Enhance Search Experience with Favicon Display

With search engine optimization (SEO) becoming inevitable for online recognition, search engines are trying to introduce new features to their search results to help users find what they want as quickly as possible while encouraging businesses to use their services. Many websites use favicons to distinguish themselves and attract attention. The little graphic displayed to the left of the URL in the browser’s URL bar is seen to benefit search rankings. While Google tested favicons in 2005, Bing has entered the scene and is currently displaying favicons or website icons in their search result pages, next to the search snippet titles.
Bing Favicon Display
Bing has confirmed their testing of search results user interface and they assured that it is not a browser extension modifying the search results. When asked about the test by Search Engine Land, Microsoft replied, “We’re constantly updating and refining the Bing search experience, and before any changes are implemented they undergo intensive testing and experimentation to ensure the best possible user experience. We have nothing further to share at this time”.

Do favicons help SEO? Well, many experts say it will not. Then what can it do? A favicon can enhance the overall appearance of your website or blog and help your branding. With a favicon, people can easily identify your site when it’s listed alongside others. For instance, take Google, Yahoo and Facebook. Google has a ‘G”, Yahoo a Y! and Facebook the lowercase f against a blue background. Anyone would recognize these favicons and immediately associate them with these sites. Having a favicon can do the same for your brand image. If visitors have bookmarked your site, you may see them returning. When the favicon image appears in the web browsers bookmark list, it can increase the amount of users who click on the bookmark and come back to your site.

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