Encouraging More Reviews on Your Yelp Business Page

Local businesses have been using Yelp, which is the popular review site with social networking features that help them secure better online exposure. With over 100 million visitors as of January this year, it is the perfect platform for local businesses that are looking to build reputation through ratings and reviews, to execute their marketing strategies.

Positive reviews in Yelp are beneficial for your local business enterprise as they are shared among different social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ all over the world easily. If you are receiving a large number of reviews, it means your business enterprise is well established and is popular among your customers. Getting positive reviews for your business may be difficult but there are strategies that could make it happen:

Encouraging More Reviews on Your Yelp Business Page

  • If you want your Yelp business to be ranked high on popular search engines, you need to implement effective search engine optimization techniques such as keyword listing and earning backlinks for your Yelp page.
  • To make sure that targeted people see you, include a link to your Yelp business page on your business website. Ensure that the button is clearly visible so that visitors will be encouraged to click on it.
  • To encourage users to write reviews on your Yelp page, you can make special deals with popular review sites.
  • Put your Yelp link in your email signature when you send emails to your targeted customers. This will help in easily finding and reviewing you.
  • Encouraging check-ins via the social network Foursquare is another way to promote reviews. This feature allows customers to check-in to their current positions, and post that check-in to Facebook. This post will be seen by all their friends. Offering daily deals on Foursquare is how you can encourage check-ins.

If you see negative reviews on your page, take time to respond to that customer. Once a negative review appears, you have to tell your customers about the steps you took to address the particular issue, convince everyone that it won’t happen again and try to win back credibility for your business. It’s natural that a business can have a few negative reviews. Negative reviews that violate Yelp’s content guidelines will be removed immediately.

If you want to use Yelp to improve your online reputation and establish your brand, the practical option is to utilize affordable online marketing services offered by professional SEO companies. They can assist you in achieving your goals and offer customized services within your budget.

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