Facebook Unlocks New Search Potential with Graph Search

How about getting truly customized and personalized results, based on what you like and what your friends have been checking out, for anything you search online? That’s what Facebook intends with its recently launched Graph Search. The limited trial of this search feature confirmed its truly personalized nature.

What exactly can you do with Facebook’s Graph Search? Let’s say you are on the lookout for someone to modify your family car and make it a bit sportier. You’ve got people on your Facebook friends’ list who may have an idea of such technical stuff and where you can get this done. So you head to the search box at the corner of your Facebook page and type “car modification shops my friends like.” Then, if your friends have shared listings of shops they’ve visited or like, you’ll get those results on the search page.

Facebook Unlocks New Search Potential with Graph Search

You can also search “car modifications” and still get results relevant to the town or city you are located in, if Facebook users have shared some business listings. If no Facebook user has shared any related stuff, then you’ll be directed to Bing Web search results which will include local listings. Basically this means that with Graph Search you won’t have to physically move around town looking for a sushi restaurant, beauty salon or soccer fan club, or even turn through the pages of telephone directory to find what you want.

But what makes this feature truly landmark is that various people searching for the same topic may get different results based on their Likes, interests, city or town where they reside and what their friends have shared.

If you want your business to really grow, you need to interest your existing customers to the extent that they will ‘like’ you and share your business on Facebook, which in turn, will put it in relevant Graph Search results. As the power of social media has already suggested, this new way to get information on Facebook could make a big difference to the SEO campaign of many kinds of businesses.