Google’s Hummingbird is Here – Make Sure Your SEO Strategies are Humming

Google has a penchant for users. The search giant has made that very clear by now. With the arrival of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update, marketers and advertisers are now thinking about the fate of search engine optimization (SEO) and how the new update may affect their marketing campaigns. During the official announcement Google said that its new algorithm offers a more natural way to use its search engine platform. It also focuses on providing users with a more “human friendly” search experience by utilizing:Google's Hummingbird Is Here - Make Sure Your SEO Strategies Are Humming

  • Google’s knowledge graph
  • Conversational or voice search
  • Google Now in Android-powered mobile devices

It has been 30 days since the Hummingbird update was made. This update affects 90% of search results worldwide. One of its primary objectives is to get at the exact meaning behind words in every search query and deliver relevant results. For example, if you search for “gardening tools” on your home computer it might mean you’re looking for some information on the same and the search results that show up may be informative. However, when you search for the same on your mobile, the results that show up may be related to shops where you can buy gardening tools. According to SEO experts, marketers need not change their current SEO strategy but must concentrate on providing their audience what they want within minimum timeframe.

We know that Google introduced Penguin update (to suppress low quality links) and Panda update (to take out “garbage” content) so that marketers and website owners will stay away from utilizing illegal marketing tactics. According to Google, Hummingbird doesn’t behave like these updates and will not affect link building campaigns directly. It will only go after those links with sub-standard content and try to downgrade them from search results. To determine search results, Hummingbird uses PageRank and other factors so it can provide users with fresh, informative and ‘useful’ content. To attract targeted visitor traffic to your site, utilize the same SEO tactics that brought you good quality signals but keep in mind the following:

  • Publish high quality and user specific content
  • Contribute to online communities
  • Offer better search experience to your site visitors
  • Take effort to earn some good natural links
  • Build better social media communication

You need not worry about your website rankings due to Hummingbird update as long as your marketing campaigns are fully compliant with Google’s quality guidelines. Are you concerned that your website is not at the top of the search results? Or confused regarding the frequent algorithmic updates of Google? Make sure you speak to a good SEO service provider and have a site audit done before you decide that it Hummingbird changes are an issue for your website.

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