How Not to Run a Social Media Campaign

Durex never thought that their splendid social media campaign for the new emergency condom delivery service was going to be disastrous until it hit odd territory. According to Bloomberg reports, the condom maker made a mistake in asking Facebook fans to vote on which city should receive the SOS Condoms service (quick delivery of condoms for couples in need of them). Unfortunately, internet pranksters took up the role of voters and cast maximum votes for Batman, a conservative Muslim province in Turkey. It aroused the moral and religious sentiments of the locals there and embarrassed them significantly instead of creating a positive impact.How Not to Run a Social Media Campaign

McDonald’s found themselves in a similar situation when they asked Twitter users to write about their fond experiences at the restaurant under #McDStories in January 2012. Customers shared their awful experiences instead of good ones and made the restaurant chain revoke the campaign recently.

As Reckitt Benckiser Group (RGPBF), owner of Durex said about the SOS Condom service campaign, these unfortunate instances are sheer examples of how social media campaigns could go awry without a proper plan. Therefore, it is essential to understand what not to do when running social media campaigns. Here are some crucial don’ts when implementing social media marketing.

  • Don’t Bring up Inadvertent Errors in Posts – Involuntary grammatical and spelling mistakes in the content can mislead customers and defy the very purpose of the campaigns. If you run such campaigns, it will have a severe negative impact.
  • Avoid Inviting Embarrassing Responses – Social media campaigns have to be carefully planned, looking at it from all possible angles. Durex didn’t think of the negative side of their campaign for the SOS condom service. If they had offered a multiple choice response, it would not have allowed the pranksters to write the name of any city of their choice. This clearly shows lack of professionalism in social media marketing. Also, be careful on how your content impacts customers and how they respond. Take a look at the failed campaign of McDonald’s. The marketing team didn’t thoroughly analyze the attitude of customers and invited negative responses.
  • Don’t Auto-post Content Too Much – It surely saves your time if you auto post from one social media network to another whenever you publish a new post. But if you do that frequently, it will reduce positive responses to a great extent. This will convey an impression that mere re-posting is happening. For example, if you auto post from Facebook to Twitter extravagantly, there will be nothing relevant, but a whole lot of ‘likes’ and ‘hashtags.’
  • Stay Away from Over-sharing – If you over share content, it will eventually become spam and irritate the customers. A case in point is Toyota’s attempt to advertise Camry Effect by opening several Twitter accounts. The adverse effect of this attempt was that users’ Twitter feeds got steeped in these Camry ads and the counterattack turned rather spiteful very quickly.

It is always advisable to take professional assistance for setting up social media campaigns for your business and staying clear of these costly mistakes. A professional SEO company providing social media marketing services can meet all your requirements efficiently.

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