PageRank No Longer Crucial for Your Website’s SERP Ranking

PageRank (PR), a measure of the relevance of a web page based on its incoming links is no longer used as a major factor to determine its position in the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking. It is only one among the 200 ranking factors used by Google to determine the popularity of a page. The search engine ranking optimization technique that involves obtaining as many paid or unpaid high PR links to increase your site ranking does not work anymore. Links with higher PR can improve the authority of a web page only if they are relevant and natural to the page.

Earlier, Google used to update PR numbers shown on the Google Toolbar every three months. However, there has been no update in PR numbers since February 2013. Matt Cutts has already made it clear that the PR won’t be updated this year. Thus, the SEO efforts taken to earn a high PR may still bring you the same results.

According to SEO experts, following are the major reasons why PageRank is regarded as an inefficient ranking factor now.

  • The calculation of PR is not accurate and biased in certain cases. Let us consider an example. Google is a more popular site than Microsoft. If you check for Alexa rankings you can see that the global ranking for Google is one and that of Microsoft is thirty four (as given below).

Alexa Rankings
But if you check the PR using PR Checker tool, you can find the PR for Google is 9 and that for Microsoft is 8 (as given below).
PR Checker tool

  • Google’s Caffeine update features fresh and unranked content at the top search results, promoting websites that used to have a low PR and demoting websites that enjoyed a higher PR.
  • The new search engine algorithms including Panda and Penguin give more relevance to user generated content and social signals, which reduces the importance of PR.

As per Google, a site ranks well for a keyword when its content is found more relevant to the search query. If you really want a better SERP ranking for your website, build a site for users rather than search engines and avoid techniques that solely focus on improving search engine rankings.

The best way is to get support from a professional SEO company having experienced SEO professionals who can clearly analyze your business needs and then optimize your website so that users can find the information they want on your site. Such a company’s website SEO solutions and packages can provide you with a unique, valuable and competitive website that ranks well in search results.

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Monica Barber

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