Real-time Data Analysis Feature with Google Analytics

Custom widgets provided on dashboards with Google Analytics are very useful for analyzing the traffic to a web page and other data related to it. Now, four different widgets are available on dashboards for real-time data analysis unlike non-real time traffic and data analysis done before. The non-real time widgets give the results for only a particular period of time while real-time results show you what exactly the current situation is. Let us take a detailed look at real-time widgets and see how it will help you increase the traffic to your content.

You can find the real-time widgets, Counter, Timeline, Geomap and Table below old custom widgets on dashboards as shown as below.

Old Custom Widgets

It is possible to set up real-time widgets just like the standard ones. Here is the function of each widget.

  • Counter: It can give you the exact number of visitors to your page or site on real-time basis. The results are separated into two categories, referral and organic as shown below.
  • Referral and Organic

  • Timeline: This widget gives you a graph showing the visitors to your page or site for the past 30 minutes.
  • Geomap: It will show you from where your visitors are coming to your site currently.
  • Table: The traffic source types, page title and active viewers will be shown in a tabular form.

These widgets will actually help you find out new visits and optimize your content quickly to avoid losing traffic. You can leverage any spike that occurs in visitor traffic to your articles/blogs, by enhancing those contents and thereby improving traffic. The greatest advantage of real time widgets is that you are constantly aware of what is going on in your site.

Combining real-time widgets with non-real time widgets can give you a panoramic view of visitors to your page or site. It will provide you with a comprehensive traffic analysis. Here is a combination of four real-time and one non-real time widgets.

Real Time Widgets

Fourth one is the non-real time which shows the visits for one month.

The real time monitoring of your content can help you improve your SEO efforts. A professional SEO company that provides advanced SEO services can help you utilize these widgets more efficiently for optimizing your content and increasing the conversion rates.

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