Search Engine Marketing is Everything for B2B Marketers

Search engines play a very important role in influencing business-to-business (B2B) buying decisions, states a report in Marketing Today based on the results of a recent survey by Enquiro. Search engine marketing is therefore one of the most important areas that must B2B marketers focus on, especially because it is cost-effective and delivers effective results.

Search Engines – Most Convenient Medium for B2B Consumers

For B2B consumers, the search engine is one of the most efficient and quickest means for researching products and checking out pricing, and even for performing comparative research. B2B sales or purchases are not like regular B2C (business-to-consumer) sales. Business-to-business purchases, whether wholesale or retail, are made after much thinking and coordination. A business or institution purchasing products wholesale from a manufacturer or a retailer isn’t a split second decision.

Whopping Support for Search Engine Research

The Enquiro research had 1500 participants of which 95.5% claimed that they would head to a search engine some time during their buying or researching process. In fact, up to 63.9% of the respondents preferred search engines over manufacturer sites, e-commerce sites or consumer review sites when it came to beginning their information search about the product or competing products. With increased budgets though, the participants chose industry portals and manufacturer sites as the starting point of research. But in this category too, 86.9% of the participants stated that they would eventually head to search engines.

Google Most Preferred Among Search Engines

Of all the search engines, Google was the most preferred. Overall, search engines did figure in the research process, either in the early phase or middle phase, in the B2B buying cycle. The survey also revealed that, in B2B buying decisions, search engine research typically occurs a month or two before the actual buying decision is made.

Rankings were also an important factor since 60% of the respondents clicked on the top results. More than 70% of the clicks were for organic SEO, an indication that the B2B marketers should ensure the right balance between organic search and paid research.

With all this qualified traffic from search engines, it crucial for B2B marketers to ensure that their websites are properly optimized for top positioning in search results. Here is an example of the use of the right SEO strategies that got the B2B website top ranking on the first page of Google search results for the term ‘recertified laboratory analyzers’:

Search Engine Marketing is Everything for B2B Marketers

This proves that outsourcing search engine marketing tasks to professional SEO company is the best line of action to boost a B2B marketer’s popularity on search engines and attract targeted traffic.

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