A Study by Google Reveals that the Web is Gaining Speed

The web is getting faster according to search engine giant Google.

Google had published a study on site speed last year. The study was based on three important parameters and they are execution speed of events, time for browsers to show the downloaded webpage and, the page load time. In an update to that study this year, the popular search engine has found that the web is getting much faster than before. The study highlighted the fact that mobile web page load times have decreased by 30 percent. Desktop page load times have also slightly decreased.

A Study by Google Reveals That the Web Is Gaining Speed

Site speed is a crucial factor when it comes to retaining your visitors on your website. Slow loading websites are very likely to drive away visitors. Website loading time is considered as a search engine optimization or SEO factor and has an impact on rankings. To help website owners, in 2011 Google had Site Speed Report added in its Analytics tool for website owners to monitor their website’s loading time. This site speed feature also helps in determining page load times of websites based on certain geographic locations, connection speed, and browser type.

Deployment of the latest advanced technology such as of 4G/LTE towers, powerful servers, and smartphones and tablets that have high speed and processing power has contributed to making the internet faster.

To assist site owners and SEO professionals in tracking site speed, Google has published a complete set of Webmaster help documentation. Site speed is undoubtedly a factor that website owners should take into account.

Professional SEO companies utilize Google’s site speed tracking feature when providing SEO website design service for their clients, thereby ensuring better results.