Crafting a Winning Twitter Bio

Mastering the Twitter social network is certainly a skill that’s quite essential to build up your image and business in the social world. You know there are people hanging out in droves in Twitter and other social networks. So if you’re in Twitter, make yourself or your business stand out among the 230 million profiles out there. Let your profile have something in it that attracts the right people.

“Brevity is the Soul of Wit”

“Brevity is the soul of wit” – of course, in this Shakespearean quote “wit” refers to intelligence. It points to the necessity of putting across your thoughts briefly but effectively. Let’s face it – Twitter’s limitations on the number of words you can put in your bio, just like the word count in Twitter shares, can actually bring out the beauty of being concise. Presenting your bio in a concise form while also being complete in revealing the things that matter about you (and even some quirky facts), can make your profile quite popular. It could be the key to attract more followers.

Choosing the Right Words

When you have such limited space, remember that each word you add should count. Ordering words is also essential. When you’re presenting yourself or your business let the core aspects – the things you do for your livelihood or what your business deals with, basically related to the kind of things you’ll be tweeting the most – be mentioned first and then the other interesting or humorous bits which could also strike a chord and make people follow you.

The words you choose must also tell others why you’re in Twitter. Are you here casually – just to make friends and follow trends or to further your profession, skills, talents or business interests? Beyond all that you also need to present what value you can offer your potential followers, or why it’s important for them to follow you, which would give them an idea of what you’ll be tweeting on. An optimized bio would give just the right details.



When you’re selecting words for your bio, make sure they have SEO-worthiness. Decide the keywords you’ll use. Remember that your bio should show higher up in search engine results when people search for the things that you deal with. Your bio can also be searched within Twitter.

Strike the Chord at the Beginning

The old adage still holds true – first impression is the best impression. Remember, the average Twitter user decides whether to follow you or not in just a matter of seconds. It’s just one look at the profile summary that decides it, so it works to be as creative as possible in describing yourself and selecting the cover picture. Also make sure you put up a genuine profile picture, not some random avatar.

Do a Profile Research

Before setting out to compose your bio, go through the profiles of other Twitter members. Analyze the profiles you like and why you like them. These could be the same reasons that could make others like your profile. Incorporate those elements into your profile, and make your bio short and crisp but having information that matters. Ensure that there is a balance between the people you follow and those who follow you. Research has shown that a lack of balance in this regard is one of the reasons people do not follow certain profiles.

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