Google Breaking New Ground in Web Traffic

According to a study conducted by Internet Monitoring firm Deepfield, Google has set a new Internet record with nearly 25 percent of U.S traffic. It reveals that nearly 60% of Internet users exchange traffic with Google servers on an average day. While considering the end device and user audience share, Google is now much ahead than Facebook, Netflix and Twitter. The device share of Google is larger, particularly in the case of computers and mobile devices.

The new research focused on North American consumer networks and has revealed that the end devices in those networks exchanged traffic with Google once every 24 hours during summer 2013 as shown as below.

The analysis covered data from computers, mobile devices, home appliances, game consoles and even anonymous data from browsers and embedded devices (mobile apps, Apple TV and more). It is believed that this study is the largest of its kind covering 1/5 of Internet consumers in the United States.

Google Breaking New Ground in Web Traffic

The study suggests that apart from big data center construction projects and high-speed internet service Google Fiber, the underlying Internet infrastructure including Google Analytics, advertising and hosting played a crucial role in increasing the traffic exchange through Google servers. More than half of all bigger web services or sites depend on such underlying services today. The deployment of thousands of Google Global Cache (GGC) servers has also contributed much to Google’s overwhelming internet presence. Majority of Internet providers in the United States are using GGC servers.

Deepfield’s earlier study published in 2010 said that the search engine giant represents only 6 percent of internet traffic. A major hike in the percentage within three years marks the growing dominance of Google on the World Wide Web. The large scale study conducted by Deepfield in 2010 revealed increasing GGC deployments in Asia, Africa and Latin America compared to other nations. Now, GGC servers are used by internet providers in more than 100 countries.

Google’s massive internet infrastructure makes it a major player in global internet traffic too. A perfect example for Google’s control in global traffic is the Google outage that occurred on Aug 17, 2013. Most of the Google services went down that day which made worldwide internet traffic plunge by around 40%.

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