How to Implement “Google’s News” Keywords Meta Tag to Improve Your Visibility and Increase Sharing of News

For Google, search engine optimization is all about providing fresh, high quality content to users. Last year, Google has introduced a news_keyword meta tag which provides news publishers greater creative expression with their headlines and content. This meta tag allows them to specify which keywords are most relevant to their articles.

Normally, to display content on top of the search results, we use meta-keywords tag and meta-description tag as they are main determining factors for SEO ranking. The news_keywords meta tag is similar, but gives publishers the freedom to specify a set of terms that are related to their news article. What’s new is that these terms do not have to appear in the headlines or body text. The news_keywords meta tag helps Google’s crawler to classify your content so that it is visible for relevant search queries. For instance, if you are publishing news about Apple’s new iPhone devices, try the following:
Another example, for the article related to Argentina bonds, a title like ‘Escrowyou too, judge’, doesn’t provide searchers any idea about its content and they most likely will just skip it. They would have to read the sub-headings or the content to know that is related to Argentina and an escrow account over a legal dispute involving bonds. This title is obviously great for print, but not for Google search.
By simply searching Google as ‘Argentina Bonds’, this article is not going to appear in search results as plenty of others do.

For a good Google search placement, you usually need to have the key terms that people are looking for in your HTML title tag, which is very often the text used in the headline. This is why in the story mentioned above does not appear in Google for the phrase ‘Argentina bonds,’ which is a key aspect of the story. Lots of other news stories come up in Google but not this one. These stories used the right keywords in their title, so they rank well.
Argentina Bonds
In order to make ‘Escrowyou too, judge’ appear in Google search results, the meta tag would have to be reframed as
Argentina Bonds
This news_keywords meta tag will help Google’s crawlers to determine how to categorize your content for related search queries. When adding keywords in the meta tag, don’t forget to use commas to separate each keyphrase or group of keywords. Also, you can insert up to ten keyphrases for a given news article – all keywords are provided with equal value.

Google News focuses on promoting genuine journalism and showcasing diverse perspectives to readers. Google also points out that this meta tag is one signal that its algorithms will use to determine ranking of news articles. Recent reports show that only 5% of the news publishers are using Google News Keywords tag. Whatever be the case, “high-quality reporting and interesting news content” is still the key factors when it comes to high ranking, says Google.

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