Is Google Glass Different Now? A Snapshot of the Latest Improvements

When Google introduced its revolutionary product, Google Glass (original Explorer Edition), it had relatively limited functionality. However, the search engine giant has been launching a steady stream of updates to this device to overcome the limitations. With the emergence of the Glassware tab in ‘My Glass’ site and the updated version during the last week of October 2013, this wearable device started its journey to become truly ‘exciting’ stuff for users and the SEO industry. Though Google opened Glassware submissions for developers, there were no easy ways for Glass users to find the apps submitted. Now, the Glassware tab will help users to discover and manage the apps they can add to their Glass.

In a new development, Google is offering Google Glass Explorers the opportunity to swap the original version for a pair of the next-gen model or opt for a new color. The new model will work with prescription glasses and also with a mono earbud that comes as an accessory. Glass users should inform their decision to Google by February 5, 2014 on the form sent with Google’s invitation to swap.

Is Google Glass Different Now? A Snapshot of the Latest Improvements
The updated version has three major changes in the design:

  • The ear buds (looks virtually same as original version) can be plugged into the USB port, which you would use for charging the device
  • The shield is curved more at the top part with more of a gap with a possibility for better prescription shield fittings
  • The shield clip reads ‘Glass’ instead of ‘XE’

New York Times reported about a set of features to be introduced for Glass in November 2013, which included ‘search for songs,’ ‘scan saved playlists’ and ‘listen to music with high fidelity.’ The report said there will be lensless frames which can respond to vocal commands of the users and a small computer with a transparent projection screen above the right eye. The Glass would display ‘listen to’ voice command and search for a term on Google, which allows the wearer to name a song or artist and stream the music through Google Play, Google’s media and apps hub.

Glass users would be able to link their Play accounts and thereby access playlists and song recommendations according to what they have listened to earlier. The sound search facility with the Glass can be utilized to identify a song playing nearby. These features, especially the voice commands and easily visible display can free the users from staring at the smartphone for a long time.

Is Google Glass Different Now? A Snapshot of the Latest Improvements

Google released the official version of its Play Music app with all the above mentioned features on December 2, 2013. Glass Engineer, Stephen Lau announced the app in his Google + post.

What Does All This Mean for SEO?

As an amazing gadget with new improvements, Google Glass will enhance your search engine experience a lot. It gives a new face to optimization with the following facilities.

  • The device makes your searches more localized, which gives greater scope for local SEO.
  • The gadget responds to queries in complete and well-constructed sentences so that the searches won’t get limited to several keywords at a time. This will also restrict general and irrelevant search results from fragmented phrases.
  • This smart eyewear will help people increase their presence in social networking sites as it is easy to mange their accounts, which is a green signal for social media marketing.
  • The most important advantage of Google glass is that it will lead to an increase in the number of internet users. This in turn will demand new optimization efforts on the part of businesses.

Google Glass is sure to have an impact on the SEO industry once it becomes popular among users. Dedicated search engine optimization companies are sure to make the most out of the various benefits that this eyewear offers.

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