Track Your Global SEO Ranking with the ‘HowsThisLookin’ Tool

When you implement an SEO campaign to cater to a global audience, you need to know where your website ranks in other countries. There is now a free tool that allows you to do so – ‘HowsThisLookin’ by Trusted Proxies. Getting a higher ranking in local search results is imperative for any business to remain relevant in that area. International SEO techniques such as targeting geo-specific keywords, posting your marketing piece in high traffic areas, and more can take you closer to your geo-specific goals. However, these challenges become greater for international search engine optimization.

The ‘HowsThisLookin’ tool makes it easy for Internet marketers who work across multiple countries to trace their campaign performance abroad accurately. Though Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools offer a geographical summary for sites with an international audience and reports the same data sorted by countries, they do not provide an exact picture of the competition. Using just Google+ country TLD (Top Level Domain) is not an proper method to analyze how your items are shown in other countries as your IP will be still based near where you are physically located and this index can be different from that in your target country. ‘HowsThisLookin’ overcomes these difficulties by allowing users to view web content by specific country.

This tool actually allows you to surf the Internet as if you are in a different country so that you can view the web content, ads and search engine result pages as exactly as shown in that country. For example, if you search for ‘Search engine optimization’ on Google’s U.S. version (, you get the following results.

Google Search Engine Optimization

You can use the ‘HowsThisLookin’ to view the U.K. version of this search results by typing the URL of search results ( in the U.S. version into the ‘Url’ field in the tool and choosing the ‘U.K.’ version from the dropdown list of ‘Location’ (as shown as below).

HowsThisLookin Tool

The results will help you understand how your website ranks in other countries, helps you to find geo-specific keywords and enables you to create geo-targeted pay per click advertisements more efficiently. The tool currently supports viewing as United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France and Australia.

The Trusted Proxies tool allows you to choose the web browser you want so that it looks like your requests coming from that browser. This will help you customize your content for different browsers. This web tool allows you to select mobile operating systems including iOS and Android (as shown below) to analyze your website’s performance in mobile devices and implement strategies to maximize your visibility across those devices.

Mobile Operating Systems

There are limitations, however. You are limited on the number of pages you can view. However, you can register for a higher quota if you want. Other inherent limitations relate to internet security as this is a 100% web-based tool and therefore some pages may not display properly. You can use advanced options such as Enable Cookies, Block Scripts, Flash and Java to adjust to the situation and gain better results. If you have more substantial requirements, upgrade to a paid plan so that you can access fully functional ‘Geo Proxy Servers’. While using these servers with your browser and/or a software, you can eliminate 99.99% of the problems occur as the result of the limitations.

Knowing how your website ranks in other geographic areas can help you discover new competition, find new link partners, and be able to position your brand for better visibility on a local as well as international level. A professional SEO company can help you implement your global SEO campaign using such new tools so that your time and resources are well spent.

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Rajeev Rajagopal

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