Twitter Enhances Social TV Tracking Capability with Trendrr Acquisition

Twitter has boosted its TV tracking capabilities by buying Trendrr, the New York based social media analytics firm that specializes in analysis and aggregation of social conversation related to TV content. Trendrr, on its part, said that is glad to be able to enhance Twitter marketing experience for users, media and marketers across the social media platform and around the globe.

TV-linked conversation now accounts for a significant proportion of overall social media activity. People love using social media while they watch TV. They talk about a show they are watching, and discussions continue even after the show goes off air. This social engagement on TV is proving very useful for marketers who air ads on TV.

Twitter Enhances Social TV Tracking Capability with Trendrr Acquisition

Twitter leads among the social media platforms using social TV enabled methods, making it easier for advertisers to reach out to TV viewers. Twitter’s TV ad targeting blends tweets, hashtags, TV advertising, and digital video, providing marketers with a way to build their brand on TV ads as well as in the Twitter feeds of TV audiences online and on mobile devices. Numerous studies have proved the correlation between tweets and TV ratings.

By buying Trendrr, Twitter has added on to this line-up. Trendrr has a Twitter certified product called Curatorr which allows marketers and advertisers to curate tweets related to specific programs and other TV content. Curatorr allows conversation discovery, display, and moderation for TV, Media, and Advertising and can automatically extract high quality conversations with the tweets most relevant to the context.

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