YouTube Introduces Tools for Creating Content Rich Videos

YouTube is your answer to instant fame, allowing you to upload your musical videos, short films or any other type of video content to attract the attention of your targeted audience. Who can forget what “Gangnam Style” did for Korean pop singer Psy? This phenomenal video creating a world-record of over one billion YouTube views as of December 2012.

Businesses have realized the effectiveness of using YouTube for implementing online marketing campaigns to create brand awareness, attract the right audience, and increase sales revenue. YouTube is focused on enhancing the experience for users and recently launched a new tool – Audio Library. Audio Library allows you to create and upload videos using a selection of 150 royalty-free tracks to accompany your video footage.

YouTube Introduces Tools for Creating Content Rich Videos

According to the YouTube’s official blog, any YouTube registered user can utilize more than 150 royalty-free instrumental tracks for any creative activity. You can find these free downloadable tracks which are provided as a link to the library in your YouTube video manager. Also, you can track the instrumental tracks by genre, mood, duration, and instrument.

In my opinion, this new feature can help marketers focusing on providing YouTube marketing services to clients in diverse fields such as retail, healthcare, insurance, educational and manufacturing. It’s well known that people are more attracted to content in the form of images, animations or videos rather than just text. As soundtrack is critical to any tone you’re trying to set, Audio Library can help you enhance your content to entice your audience.

The best way to make the most of YouTube marketing for your business is to get professional help from an established internet marketing company which has the resources and the expertise to provide you with customized solutions. The services offered by most online marketing services providers are affordable and only right talent can help you in create and share videos optimized with relevant keywords that can increase your targeted traffic, leads, search engine rankings and ultimately, sales.

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Monica Barber

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